A Short Announcement and a Seattle Fireside on Reclaiming the Literal Interpretation of Genesis

First, I’ve had a lot of Facebook friend requests from readers. I’m taking a break from Facebook to focus on my preparation for my three qualifying exams in spring: American Religious History, Reformation History, and History of Science. However, I will continue posting things to the Benjamin the Scribe Facebook page. I suggest you both Like and Follow that page. (I put a link to it and my GoFundMe  at the end of every post, but apparently, not everyone makes it that far.)

Second and more exciting, Friday Nov. 2 at 7:30, I’ll be speaking at a home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. My topic, “Reclaiming the Literal Interpretation of Genesis: A Short History of How It Went Wrong,” expands on several of my previous papers, presentations, and podcasts (scroll down). Seating is limited, so you must RSVP to this email address. If there are seats remaining, you’ll receive the home address.

See you there.

2 thoughts on “A Short Announcement and a Seattle Fireside on Reclaiming the Literal Interpretation of Genesis

  1. The Seattle fireside was refreshing and interesting, thank you and thank your host. Loved the slant on interpretation.
    I made a comment that I made about learning since being married to a Jewess… I meant that I believe there needs to be less fear than I have encountered from those around me that one might go off into the bushes if they learned more; instead learning more in addition to the skinny basics/surface stuff (and “church history”) puts more structure, nails, and understanding of the end to end religious history of mankind, which makes a person more solid in correct belief and love of God versus custom, tradition, or interpretation.


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