Robert Alter, at BYU and on deep sale

Robert Alter is an emeritus professor of Hebrew, Literature, and Jewish Studies at UC-Berkeley. He recently completed his entire translation and commentary on the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament, in traditional Christian terms). It’s a lovely 3-volume hardcover set retailing for $125. However, Amazon

currently has it for about $65, with a checkbox coupon for another $21 off. This is a screaming deal on the magnum opus of a wonderful scholar, whom I have recommended often before, particularly his Art of Biblical Narrative. His new book on Bible translation is very accessible.

Pic from linked Berkely website

Note that Alter is Jewish (and like many Jews, leans agnostic) and so we should not expect his translation/commentary to see prophecies or allusions to Jesus in Isaiah.

Alter was invited to speak at BYU recently, and gave two presentations.

The first was on the challenge of translating the Bible (and I can tell you, it IS a challenge.)

The second was on “Writing The Art of Biblical Narrative

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3 thoughts on “Robert Alter, at BYU and on deep sale

  1. There are so many Biblical translations available, what is the advantage of Alter’s translation for a Latter-day Saint.


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