Video Interview on Genesis and Interpreting Scripture Literally

A new interview, me talking with Cwic Media for 80 minutes on, well, the usual topics 🙂

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I’ve added this to the media page.

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3 thoughts on “Video Interview on Genesis and Interpreting Scripture Literally

  1. James Tabor has a new book o Genesis. “The first book of the Bible presented in an authentic translation that allows the English reader to “peer through” to the Hebrew and “come as close as we will probably ever come to the original text.” This translation allows readers to experience the original Hebrew and the rich resonance of alliteration, pun, word play, and idiom that are so essential to the meaning of the Bible itself.”


  2. Great insights. I have been following your website for a few months now and have been reading some of your recommendations. I feel this has broaden my view considerably and has made me appreciate the scriptures and the sincere search for answers even more.

    Please keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait for your book!


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