My MHA Presentation and Reconciling Science with Scripture

Ben contemplates his words, at Petra.

Ben contemplates his words at Petra.


Here is a copy of my MHA presentation text, “Early LDS Attempts to Reconcile Scripture with Science: Pre-Mormon Pre-Adamites and Intellectual (In)Dependence.” What assumptions did early 20th century LDS have, and who were they reading, while debating evolution, death before the fall, pre-adamites, etc.?As the text read at the meeting, it lacks footnotes and citations, but here is some of the bibliography.

This presentation was distilled from a much longer paper still under construction. I intend to submit it for publication when finished (as of 2020, still working on this).
And of course, I’ll be speaking about models of how we encounter the world in August at BYU, truth, scripture, and Genesis at the FAIR Conference in August, and reading the Old Testament in context at the Sperry Symposium in October at BYU.

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4 thoughts on “My MHA Presentation and Reconciling Science with Scripture

  1. Have you seen this new Book
    Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science Paperback
    by Scot McKnight and Dennis R. Venema


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