Recorded Devotional for Seminary Seniors who Didn’t Get the Old Testament

UPDATE: Had technical problems with the recording; no audio got recorded at all. So, announcement coming in the next few days about a repeat of sorts. 


With the alignment of Seminary to the Come Follow Me schedule, this year’s high school seniors will graduate with D&C twice, but no Old Testament.
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Interpreting Scripture, History, Science, and Creation: A Free Course by Me!

Red brick store in Nauvoo, where the first endowments were done on May 4, 1842.

Edit: I’ve added this syllabus to the main menu at left, and simplified the url for easy access, to

May 4th holds significance in LDS history: it’s the day Joseph Smith introduced temple ordinances in the upper room of the red brick store in 1842. The temple ties together a number of questions, like: Continue reading “Interpreting Scripture, History, Science, and Creation: A Free Course by Me!”

Joseph Fielding Smith’s Assumptions

The future is difficult to plan right now, but I’m happy to report my proposal for the American Academy of Religion (AAR) national conference has been accepted. It traditionally meets with the Society of Biblical Literature in a massive multi-day conference attended by thousands. This year it’s in Boston, mid/late November. I pray by then we’ll be back to some kind of normalcy. Continue reading “Joseph Fielding Smith’s Assumptions”

The Most Important Question I’ve Been Asked

March 2020 I had a heavy weekend, between flying cheaply (read: uncomfortably and really early) to a family funeral, and doing two firesides: one on how Latter-day Saints came to read scripture in stark anti-evolutionary ways, the other on making sense of LDS creation accounts in light of what we know about both scripture and science.

During the Q&A, a young sister missionary assigned to the Visitor’s Center asked a practical question.

As missionaries, what can we do to promote this kind of understanding as we teach the simple truths of the Gospel?

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Two Firesides in the DC on the Temple, Science, and LDS Interpretation of Scripture

It’s been a remarkably good Monday morning. Chilly, but I scored a $72 long-sleeve Merino wool bike jersey for $18 recently, and so went out for a 24-mile ride in 40 degree weather.


Made myself chilaquiles afterwards. Bit of a foodie here. (This has been rewritten afterwards, since it was an announcement.)

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BYU Studies, Evolution, and Faith: Some Clarification (Updated!)

We recently put forth an open call for abstracts for a special issue of BYU Studies dedicated to biological evolution, LDS faith, and practice. I am the guest editor overseeing the non-scientific submissions and as such, would like to emphasize a few things from the call that seem to be getting overlooked. Update: Please note, we have extended the abstract submission deadline from February 1 to March 1Continue reading “BYU Studies, Evolution, and Faith: Some Clarification (Updated!)”