Reflecting Back, Looking Forward- The Blog after One Year

The year is nearly over. As I look back, the struggle to write these out in a clear way on a weekly basis has been a challenge at times, but one that I think has been mutually beneficial. Writing is a great exercise. Sometimes it’s been hard to boil down or select from all the material I have, other times (coughIsaiahcoughcough), it’s been hard to generate enough new and useful material for posts. My goal has been to spread enthusiasm, knowledge of resources, understanding of the Old Testament, and in doing so, “prepare minds to be faithful” (Alma 48:7).

Beyond my writing here, this year I finished my last semester at City College of New York (Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry Lab, Physics II), studied and took the MCAT, applied to 16 medical schools (that’s a LOT of essays to write), packed up and moved out of our apartment to become nomadic, and done several other things, like book writing. Still a lot of work to be done there.

It’s early, yet, to know what the future holds for next year. Medical school, assuming I get accepted, would begin in late July or early August. My wife also is in a liminal stage, finishing her dissertation and applying to jobs.

My plan for the blog is to continue writing weekly posts for New Testament. However, I am not nearly as strong in NT as in OT, and my book takes priority. My NT posts will likely be shorter and more narrowly focused, but posts there will be, at least through July. I may also expand in some other directions.  I’ve written 44 of 48 lessons for this year, and the rest will go up quickly. I also have some pre-NT posts planned, e.g. one on the Dead Sea Scrolls. For those of you who came to the blog later in the year, I invite you to go back and watch the first post I put up, a screencast of my fireside on the Rediscovering the World of the Old Testament.

To all those who have been (or still wish to be) supportive in comments personal and public, by donating directly or indirectly through Benjamin the Scribe Amazon purchases (anything you buy through that link supports the site. Do your Christmas shopping through that link?), I cannot express my thanks. You’ve kept me going in more ways than one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and if you’ve never really studied the Bible, this is a great time of year to start doing so seriously. Start here. Part 3 of those recommendations, including a shortlist, to come in the next 48 hours.

2 thoughts on “Reflecting Back, Looking Forward- The Blog after One Year

  1. Thank you, Ben! I have appreciated your scholarship and willingness to share with those of us who love the scriptures! Looking forward to NT!


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