Video, Podcasts, etc.

This page collects my recorded presentations, screencasts, podcast interviews, etc.

  • Summer 2015, “Christian Accommodation at Corinith” BYU New Testament Conference


  • February 2018 USU invited paper, “The Scientific Deformation and Reformation of Genesis: How Science Messed it Up, but Also Fixes It.”
    • This is about how and why the creation chapters of Genesis came to be seen as scientific in nature, and also how we came to know that that interpretive assumption about its nature actually distorts Genesis. 
    • Video link (no slides or subtitles). My post with a link to the slides and references.  
    • If that video link doesn’t work, go here, scroll down to the bottom, and click on my name to launch the video. 
  • August 2019, FAIRMormon Conference, “A Paradoxical  Preservation of Faith: LDS Creation Accounts and the Composite Nature of Revelation”
    • Revelation is not purely divine, but will always have a strong human component to it.
    • Transcript with extensive notes. Audio. The video is not yet available for free. 


  • Nov 2019, Interview about the history of LDS manuals, Seminary, preparing students for missions, etc.

  • February 2020, two firesides in Washington DC.
        • “‘Science Falsely So Called’: How Latter-day Saints Came to Misread Scripture as Science” Some LDS interpretive history.

    • “Reconciling the Temple with Science, Creation and Evolution: A Faithful Approach” Here I talk more about how to make sense of conflicting LDS creation narratives- Genesis, Moses, Abraham, and the Temple.

  • March 2020, Zoom Q&A for Uplift. (This was supposed to be a conference in Provo, but a pandemic got in the way.) Youtube.

  • August 2020, interview with Cwic Media

March 2021, Conversation with UVU biology professor Heath Ogden, about LDS history, scripture, interpretation, and evolution